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The Granite Sink Technology

The Granite Sink Colour Technology




Granilite is crafted by combining natural granite and acrylic resin to form a material that looks similar to natural stone. This high quality material can hold up to high temperatures and withstand against the impacts and shocks of day-to-day use.

Granilite uses a unique colouring process called ceramisation. The material is put through a firing process at 700°C which allows the colour to penetrate into the core. The result of ceramisation is significantly improved overall resistance to discolouration.

The colour of the granite and variation in shades combine to create the finished Granilite colour.

Antibacterial Protection

All Granilite material has been enriched with silver ions which repel and prevent the growth of bacteria. 

Cino Colour to the core system


Metalite immediately draws in the eyes with its refined aesthetic. Its textures and colours complement any modern kitchen, making it the perfect centrepiece not only for looks, but for functionality and practicality as well.

Metalite is chemically composed of natural granite and acrylic resin. As all Cino sinks are manufactured using our state-of-the-art CMG Moulding System, Metalite sinks are able to withstand the toughest of stains and sudden temperature changes.

The added metal particles give a brilliant metallic finish to the sinks. These different finishes allow you to perfectly match the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Antibacterial Protection

The Metalite material has been enriched with silver ions which form provide antibacterial protection. These layer of protection repels and prevents any bacteria from forming. 

Cino Metalite Texture Process

The Moulding System

Moulding Process with the CMG Moulding System

The CMG Moulding System is a set of machinery which allows for a mould of composite material that is comprised of a mixture of acrylic resin and quartz particles of different dimensions. The core of this unique system is the moulding press that manages a dynamic mould. The dynamic mould is able to create sinks with an even distribution of all components and materials.

Traditional Moulding System

The competitors of Cino use traditional static moulding system technologies to create their sinks. This outdated system does not allow for the even distribution of the material components (acrylic resin and quartz) in the body of the sink. Below is an example of the uneven distribution of components in a product that has been manufactured with a static moulding system:

CMG Moulding System

The CMG Moulding System uses dynamic mould technology to evenly distribute all the components in the body of the sink. Below is an example of even distribution achieved by utilising the dynamic CMG Moulding System:


Cino Technological Moulding Leadership

Cino’s CMG Moulding System is at the forefront of utilising thermosetting composite materials in the kitchen sinks market.

Cycle Time

A chemical and physical test saw that a cycle time reduction during the production process resulted in a weakened product caused by poor chemical connections of its components.

Cino applies a perfect balance between product optimisation and quality in the production process in order to create, beautiful and durable sinks.

A Metalite or Granilite sink manufactured using Cino’s CMG Moulding System results in the even distribution of all the components in the sink body.

Benefits of CMG Moulding System

  • Improved resistance to impacts (+30%)
  • Improved resistance to thermal shocks (+100%): over 7000 hot water (90°C and above) and cold water cycles (15°C)
  • 20 year product lifespan
  • Improved resistance to high temperatures (+30%)
  • Beautiful and high quality finish and aesthetic