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Waranty Information

We thank you for choosing one of our product. Cino Merchants Group Pty Ltd is committed continue to offer the finest quality products to Australia.

All of our products are come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Our warranty ensures that all purchasers are entitled to a replacement or refund from any manufacturing defects within given warranty period and subject to our terms and conditions. Please take your time to read the warranty policies applicable to each specific product below.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects or defects caused by faulty materials within the specified warranty period.
  2. The granite sink must be installed by a qualified person, such as a licensed plumber.
  3. The purchaser is responsible for inspecting the product to identify defects, if any, prior to the installation of the granite sink no more than……6 months.
  4. Cino Merchants Group is not responsible for any damage to the granite sink during its delivery from the retailer to the purchaser.
  5. The warranty does not cover any defects or damage to the granite sink arising from the following circumstances:
    1. Any work done to the granite sink, such as its installation, by an unqualified person.
    2. The improper installation of the granite sink by a qualified person due to their negligence.
    3. Inadequate or improper care and maintenance of the granite sink.
    4. Mishandling or abnormal use of the granite sink including exposure of the granite sink to outdoor use, excessive weight on the granite sink and exposure to excessive chemicals, flames, or heat such as hot pans or oven trays.
    5. Any other types of defects or damage not arising from faulty materials or manufacturing defects. Examples include scratching, denting, chipping, spotting or discoloration of the granite sink.
    6. The warranty does not cover the cost of delivery and any other costs that may be incurred in relation with the removal and/or re-installation of the replacement granite sink.
  6. Proof of purchase of the granite sink must be provided when making a warranty claim.
  7. The warranty only applies to granite sinks that have been directly purchased from any of authorized retailers or us. It does not apply to private sellers.

How to Claim

Please contact to your authorized reseller or direct to us or online at www.

Proof of purchase as well as photographic evidence of the defect and a detailed description of your claim.

Upkeep and Care

Below you will find some of our recommendations to properly care for your sink, and keep it looking newer for longer.

Routine Care

The best way to clean the sink is to use a soft cloth or sponge, with warm soapy water. Strong, abrasive detergents should not be used. The surface of the sink should be washed with water, drying the damp parts with a spongy cloth. This will help prevent the formation of limescale marks, especially on dark-coloured sinks.

Removing Stubborn Stains

Traces of stubborn dirt can be removed with a cloth soaked in diluted bleach or alcohol or, in extreme cases, with acetone. After this, rinse the surface well with water.

Special Cleaning

The sink is composed of a mixture with a high percentage of inert fillers that make the product very hard and strong. This particular characteristic may cause streaking due to the continual rubbing of metal pans. The streaks are due to the release of small particles of metal, with can be removed with a brush(Like Scotch Bride), together with commonly used detergents..

Further Recommendations

Do not use highly alkaline substances line ammonia or caustic soda.

Do not place pans or coffee-pots directly from hotplate or out of the oven onto the surface of the sink. A very hot pans reach over 300 C will cause thermal shock, discolouration or damage to the surface of the sink.

Do not pour boiling oil into the sink, as this could deform the drain pipes.

Do not cut food directly on the surface of the sink. We always recommend cutting on an appropriate chopping boards. Limescale redeye can be removed with vinegar or acetic acid.

Traces of obstinate dirt can be removed with diluted bleach or with acetone, rinsing carefully after the operation.

Residual calcium can be removed with vinegar or acetanilide.

It is recommended to wipe dry the surface of the sink after each use to avoid deposits of calcium.

Installation Instructions


All packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyrene foam, etc.) are potentially dangerous and should be kept away from children.


The sink comes to you with pre-prepared semi-bores of Ø 35 mm on both sides. This lets you choose the side where you wish to install the tap. After deciding which side you wish to use, the hole can be completed using a hollow cutter (easily available at any hardware store) installed on a manual drill, taking care to work from the non-visible side.


Place the sink upside-down on the work surface where it is to be installed. Trace around the outer edge of the sink using a pencil. Now move the sink and draw a dotted line 1 cm. inside the one you have just drawn using the sink as a template. Cut along the dotted line using the appropriate tools.


All our sinks come equipped with pre-installed mounting clamps. The following steps explain how to install the sink correctly: A special sealant is supplied with the sink. Apply it all around the outer edge of the sink, wherever it will come into contact with the work surface when the installation is complete. Make sure that all the clasps of the fastenings are facing inwards. Insert the sink into the cut-out area of the work surface making sure it is centred. Tighten the fastenings using the adjusting screws, starting from the centre and working in a criss-cross order.


Follow the instructions provided with the drain accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any chemicals or materials I should avoid using when cleaning my sink?

Abrasive detergents and steel wool should not be used on Cino granite sinks. Instead, use water or a mind liquid dishwashing detergent and dry the damp parts with a spongy cloth to prevent limescale marks. For more information on how to best care for your sink, please visit our care instructions page

Does my warranty cover scratches?

Our 15 year warranty will cover any manufacturing fault, but not general wear and tear that can happen over time, in a frequently used sink.

Is there foods or materials that will stain my sink?

Foods and liquids such as fruit juices or coffee can cause stains to your sink, and should be cleaned immediately using a soft cloth, water, and if necessary, a non-abrasive detergent.

Will it damage my sink using a rubber mat in it?

Yes it will damage your sink. By placing a rubber mat in your sink, you are trapping water and moisture on it for an extended period of time which can cause marks and discolouration

Will my sink fade in colour over time?

Typically you should not expect any fading, however our warranty does cover any fading within the first 5 years.

Can my sink withstand extreme temperatures, like hot pots and pans straight off the stove?

Cino granite kitchen sinks can not withstand any temperature above 345° C on the surface of the sink. A hot saucepan straight off the stove can reach up to 600° C therefore it is best to place a wooden board underneath hot items to avoid damage to your sink.

Can I cut food directly onto my granite sink?   

Cutting food directly onto your granite sink can cause scratches. We recommend using a chopping board instead.

I want to install a garbage disposal unit within my sink, will my sink be damaged?

Although it is possible to install a garbage disposal unit in your sink, additional drilling and installation vibrations can cause the sink crack.